About Me

My name is Melissa McEwen, and I'm a Women’s Sacred Sexuality & Pleasure Coach. I help women ignite their inner Goddess & Divine Feminine essence through 1:1 coaching, online courses, & sisterhood ceremonies. I'm committed to guiding you to connect to your souls purpose, heal your relationship to your sexuality + sensuality, and activate you into living a life of pleasure & purpose.

Awaken The Goddess Within...

Is created for the womyn who are ready to step into their Queendom, sovereignty, pleasure, magnetism, & Divine Feminine power. By unlocking your radiance you will open yourself up to a world of abundance, soul nourishing alignment, expanded states of consciousness & ecstatic aliveness.

In this course, I share with you the 6 Pillars of Embodying the Divine Feminine: Awareness, Clarity with Purpose, Awakening The Goddess, Honoring your Cycles, Pleasure, and Embodiment. The only way to tap into YOUR inner Goddess of Pleasure is through a devotional and spiritual approach to all of these areas. ⁣⁣


I will teach you the tools, tantric practices, self-care rituals, meditations, for unleashing your inner divine & wild woman.

Embodying the Divine Feminine is about being connected to your human experience, your pleasure, spirituality, emotions, wildness, sensuality, and showing up everyday in your fullest self expression. It’s when you realize that your life is already in perfect timing and alignment~ because it is so.⁣⁣


This 6 week online program that guides you how to fully honor your body, connect with your pleasure, & unleash your inner Goddess in a safe, nurturing, and sacred container.


6 Week Module Breakdown...

Week 1: Awareness
  • Acknowledge & honor where you are now
  • Identify & release blocks holding you back
  • Raise awareness of self & your energy
Week 2: Clarity + Purpose
  • Find & connect with your souls purpose
  • Connect to your intuition for guidance
  • Orgasmically manifest the life you dream of
Week 3: Awaken
  • Awaken your inner Pleasure Priestess
  • Work with the international Goddesses
  • Say "hello" to your unique sovereign power

Week 4: Cycles
  • Work with your Divine Feminine rhythms
  • Utilize the Moon phases for transformation
  • Embrace all of the feminine archetypes
Week 5: Pleasure
  • Awaken your inner Pleasure Priestess
  • Make pleasure a theme for your life
  • Get to know your body & its desires
Week 6: Embody
  • Embody your Divine Feminine essence
  • Love & honor all of your emotions
  • Step into your full authentic BOLD self

Now Open For Enrollment!

This Is For You If...

You are ready to free yourself from shame, blocks, & confusion so that you can live a life full of pleasure & aliveness.

You have been struggling to feel confident in your body & are ready to embrace your wild, raw, sensual, sexual, authentic self.

You need the extra support to dive deep into the depths of your healing to be fully present & embodied in your femininity.

You want to feel next level pleasure, sexy, honored, magical, embodied, freedom, whole, complete exactly as you are.

What's Included:

6 Weekly LIVE Group Calls

Embodiment Practices

Downloadable PDF's

Journal Prompts

Private FB Group

Lifetime Access To Course


Support Coaching

Imagine If...

You could rewrite your relationship to your sensuality, sexuality, pleasure, + Yoni to feel confident, alive & vibrant AF!

You knew how to be a magnet to the life of your dreams through your Divine Feminine essence + orgasmic power!

You could find clarity around your true soul's calling all while creating a healthy intimate relationship to yourself 

You had support from a conscious sisterhood community!