Awakening Academy is a mystery school for sensitive & gifted women here to serve Love & Union. This is a safe space where your humanity merges with God & creation. Awakening Academy is an intentionally curated temple crafted to deepen you into the realms of sacred sexuality, satiable intimacy & true love. Here you will return home to your unique template of wholeness, trust the inner wisdom within your body, womb, heart & soul.

"Melissa came to me at a pivotal time in my life and I experienced amazing transformations while working with her. Since the start of our work together, I got in touch with my absent menstrual cycle, left 2 jobs, a stagnant relationship, my apartment and the comfort of my country as I embarked on a solo journey across the world. She was there to support me on my transition through some of my biggest life changes, and every time I felt lost, our sessions realigned and refocused me back on my mission."

- Giana Stephenson

Hey beauty, I’m Melissa

I'm so glad you're here! I'm a certified Women’s Sex, Love & Relationship Coach & Holistic Health Coach. I'm committed to helping you connect to your souls true nature, your radiant feminine power, unlock your pleasure, + life's purpose.